Pittsburgh 2012 Annual Biomedical Conference

May 16, 2012 - Penn State New Kensington 
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The following vendors participated in the trade show.


Contrast Injectors, MR Coil Repair, Ultrasound Probe Repair, CR Service, CR Cassette Repair

Technical Specialist

Associates degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology at Penn State University.

BET Program Coordinator
Penn State University
Biomed-Ed is your comprehensive education, training and competence source for the biomedical engineering technology profession.

Biomedical and Imaging testing equipment.
DMPI, Owner
Fluke Biomedical
Anesthetic vaporizers, contaminated vaporizers, components used for service and patient safety info.
Director of Sales & Marketing
General Anesthetic Services

We are the ultrasound experts for multi-vendor system repair. We will provide you a cost effective solution for keeping your ultrasound equipment operating at peak performance.

Customer Engineer

Biomedical Test Cables


NIST Trace-ability Test Equipment Certification

Calyx Metrology Lab, Inc
DITEC, Inc. provides training and support services to managers and service professionals in diagnostic imaging which includes MRI, CT, Nuclear, X-Ray and Ultrasound. Our services include multivendor and multimodality training and support for Biomedical/Clinical Engineers, Independent Service Organizations (ISO), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Manager Diagnostic Img. Tmg.,

Medical replacement parts

Account Manager

BBF, a 54-year old Pittsburgh-based international charity, has provided over $4 billion of medical supplies, textbooks, food, seeds, and other humanitarian supplies to people around the world in over 140 countries.
Brother's Brother Foundation

Providing on opportunity in Nuclear Medicine Service

Senior FSE

Radiation Therapy accelerator Service and Parts

Area Service Manager
Oncology Services International

Hospital Grade Wiring Devices, Surge Protection Devices, Occupancy Sensors, Wireless Controls (No Batteries - No Wires)

C&I Sales Specialist
Leviton Mfg. Co., Inc.

Cadmet specializes in providing essential medical supplies worldwide. We are a comprehensive resource for HD displays, replacement lamps for most OEM light sources, video/digital print media, and other key solutions.

Regional Sales Manager
Cadmet, Inc

KMA Remarketing Corporation's primary operation involves the purchase, resale, service, appraisal and liquidation of pre-owned medical, dental, opthalmic and emergency medical equipment.

Biomedical Services Manager
KMA Remarketing Corp.